Design thinking is a process for practical, creative resolution of complex problems or issues that looks for an improved solution. Brands need design thinking when the answer is not clear, the
situation is unique (new or different), and the old way of thinking isn’t working anymore.
Design thinking combines empathy, creativity and common sense
to engage and delight consumers while driving business success.

Design thinking is a non-linear process that integrates a right-brain, holistic mindset with left-brain, analytical thinking. Designers are skilled in identifying, then solving problems with the consumer as the central point of focus; looking at habits, behaviors, perceptions; incorporating new learning at every step in the process.

Design thinking helps get bigger ideas, faster and more efficiently.
At Brandesign, people with different skills and knowledge work in teams to gain a deeper understanding, and create strategies that benefit the consumer and the business (win-win). Together we study users and problems, and consistently discover new consumer learning that benefits brands. We integrate diverse experiences and knowledge sources, and collaborate with our clients and consumer research vendors to optimize the concept.