Visual identity is the visible execution of the brand platform.

Visual identity includes the design of specific elements that support your brand’s positioning and story. These include the primary logo, the color palette, and secondary applications such as custom font-shapes-patterns-icons. Visual identity also extends to the layout/design styling for your in-store and online brand (commonly the packaging/merchandising, and website). Creating a unique visual identity, then developing a consistent style across media, will result in a strong brand image.

The visual identity is the brand image that becomes etched in the consumer’s mind. For existing brands, a review of the current state of the visual identity is warranted to assure competitive stance and consumer relevance (equities need to be evaluated). For both new and existing brands, the outcomes from the visual positioning process will guide the path to a successfully coherent brand mark.

Research can play a valuable learning and reassurance role in these processes, and is an option during, pre-, or post-development.