Visual positioning is frequently the precursor to identity or packaging programs. As its name implies, visual positioning discovers and defines the image you want to create in the mind of your consumers, the picture you want them to visualize of your brand in relation to their lives and the market situation.

Visual positioning has two components:
- a VisibrandTM image board that imagines your future brand [can also be
constructed for the current brand]. Different from a mood board, the Visibrand™ image board illustrates the core brand through the eyes of the consumer; you will “see” and “feel” the brand, as your consumer does.
- a VisibrandTM document, revealing the brand’s unique tone, image, personality, color palette, design styling, and potential equity elements that define the look of your brand and support the brand character.

Creating the visual positioning assumes a rich understanding of your brand and consumer. We translate consumer insights and your brand’s attributes into
desirable color and imagery.

The Visibrand™ Board conveys:
• What your brand owns, visually
• How your consumer “sees” your brand
• Visual imagery guidelines for upcoming agency creative.